Sunday, March 28, 2021

 It’s time to start to clean out our complaining and spring ahead to the world that’s waiting ahead. We are all a part of creating that world. So let’s choose to make it a more positive one for all of us.
Are you in?
Great! Let’s go! The challenge starts April 1st!
Here’s how to participate:
1. Decide who is going to participate
a. Just you? Great!
b. Your family
c. Your class (that's why I tried to tag all the teachers I know! )
d. Your co-workers
e. Your online group
2. Pick something comfortable that you’re willing to wear on your wrist for 21 days.
a. You can buy a wristband from “A Complaint Free World” ( we are not affiliated with them but this is their invention so kudos to them!
b. A watch will do for those who still wear them or a Fit Bit
c. Any kind of bracelet
3. Start with the item on one wrist. Every time you complain out loud (not think a complaint – we’re not the thought police!), switch to the other wrist.
4. Your goal? To have it stay on one wrist as long as possible
5. The challenge begins on April 1.
a. We will post a reminder every day on our Success for Life 101 Facebook page and our @FlyHorizon Instagram page
b. The reminder is there with some positive inspiration and a daily photo prompt! It will have a picture of something you can post with the hashtag -#springpositivitychallenge
c. Post your own photos each day and share with your friends. The most people we can get on a positive path, the better!
6. Be kind to yourself in the process. We all complain a lot and it takes something like this to make you realize it. Awareness is always the first step to change.
7. At the end of 21 days, see how many days you’ve gone with the bracelet on one wrist. If you’re playing with a team, decide what kind of awards you’d like to give out
8. We’d love to hear how you did if you’d like to share an email with us! You can find us at

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