Thursday, January 19, 2012


We're all looking for a way to improve our lives in some way - a better job, less stress, more money to pay our bills, great relationships, more happiness.  The list goes on and is as personal as we are.

Our world has gotten a bit turbulent lately - earthquakes, tusnamis, cruise ships crashing, the economy, politics...the list goes on and on.  Makes it seem like there is no positive news anywhere.  But in reality, according to research, there are 10 positive things that happen for every negative one that does.

What we see in the news is not really what's new, but the list of the 10 worst things that happened yesterday.  With 7 billion people in the world, we hear mostly about the ones who do the worst things.  Tends to give us a warped view of the world.  We all could use a positive boost...a tip, a quote, a strategy to help us see the world in a better light.  

So watch the news if you want but realize that there are hundreds of wonderful things that happened yesterday that you didn't hear about.  And that should make you feel hopeful and happier. 

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